a few recent(ish) favorites

Afraid of Not Changing
An essay about the television series Monk, binge watching, and chronic depression. Bright Wall/Dark Room, February 2018.
Adrian Monk often says his darkest thoughts out loud, and at times, it’s appalling: This is a series in which “my wife was killed by a car bomb” is a recurring punchline. But it’s refreshing, too, to hear a character verbalize their endless inner turmoil. Living in a psychological prison has to be funny sometimes. If you couldn’t laugh, you’d lose your mind."

So, Charlie Korsmo, You've Become a Pirate
An essay about a former child actor and what we lose when we grow up. Bright Wall/Dark Room, May 2017
"It’s easy to imagine real-life Charlie Korsmo exactly as he comes across on screen: smart, sensitive, tough, funny, and yes, wise beyond his years. Even in hyper-stylized Dick Tracy, in which he acts his bird-like face off opposite Warren Beatty and Madonna, there is something impressively realistic about Charlie Korsmo."

A short personal essay about walking, shopping, heartbreak, and dogs. Okey-Panky, April 2017
"I sink to the floor beside a plunger display and the dog sticks her face in mine. “Sorry, kid,” I say. I want to scream obscenities until someone calls the police. I want to fill my arms with every kind of hammer and run down the street breaking windows and heads."

But wait, there's more

I write about film, television, and myself for Bright Wall/Dark Room. Here's my contributor page.

I write about dogs and their people for Rover's Daily Treat blog. My entries are here. 

In 2013-2014, I had a bi-weekly personal column at The Yearbook Office. Collected here.

This one time, I had a piece up on The Toast: "Going to Movies with Girls"

plus Some Fiction

Painted Bride Quarterly: "It's the Mud, It's the Mud"

NANOFICTION: "Poor Boys in Trouble"


Monkeybicycle: "Clamp"