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Welcome to the World of the Emotionally Mature: Reality Bites at 25
An essay about revisiting old friends. Bright Wall/Dark Room, March 2019.
"[Troy Dyer] is a smart guy, despite his many flaws; maybe the “planet of regret” he expresses at the end of the film expands into a galaxy of empathy and acting better. But probably not, right? Probably he fucks up and burns out, or maybe he fails up, into an MFA program and a couple of novels and an eventual professorship at a mid-tier school. A marriage, a divorce, a series of affairs with students who know better but still do it because let’s face it, aging Troy Dyer is still hot in a dirty stray dog sort of way. You want to take care of him even though he keeps knocking over the trash.”

Afraid of Not Changing
An essay about the television series Monk, binge watching, and chronic depression. Bright Wall/Dark Room, February 2018.
Adrian Monk often says his darkest thoughts out loud, and at times, it’s appalling: This is a series in which “my wife was killed by a car bomb” is a recurring punchline. But it’s refreshing, too, to hear a character verbalize their endless inner turmoil. Living in a psychological prison has to be funny sometimes. If you couldn’t laugh, you’d lose your mind."

So, Charlie Korsmo, You've Become a Pirate
An essay about a former child actor and what we lose when we grow up. Bright Wall/Dark Room, May 2017
"It’s easy to imagine real-life Charlie Korsmo exactly as he comes across on screen: smart, sensitive, tough, funny, and yes, wise beyond his years. Even in hyper-stylized Dick Tracy, in which he acts his bird-like face off opposite Warren Beatty and Madonna, there is something impressively realistic about Charlie Korsmo."

A short personal essay about walking, shopping, heartbreak, and dogs. Okey-Panky, April 2017
"I sink to the floor beside a plunger display and the dog sticks her face in mine. “Sorry, kid,” I say. I want to scream obscenities until someone calls the police. I want to fill my arms with every kind of hammer and run down the street breaking windows and heads."


I write shelter pet reviews for Tenderly.

I write and edit essays about film and television for Bright Wall/Dark Room.

I write about pets and their people for Rover.com

In 2013-2014, I had a bi-weekly personal column at The Yearbook Office.

This one time, I had a piece up on The Toast: Going to Movies with Girls

Another time, I read an essay on Jaime Green’s The Catapult podcast: The Finest of Arts


Painted Bride Quarterly: It's the Mud, It's the Mud

NANO Fiction: Poor Boys in Trouble

Monkeybicycle: Clamp